Introducing CORE Router v1.0

3 min readOct 3, 2020

simplified user experience

Releasing CORE Router v1.0 🦾

A sea of failed transaction hashes is spreading through the contracts and the bots are suppressed.

The new Core Router v1.0 simplifies the process of obtaining LP tokens and stops bots, front running the contract.

CORE Vault has updated its functionality. You can see the changes on our website by opening the Router through the start menu.

With the introduction of CORE Router v1.0 you can now obtain your LP tokens with one click, on our site. It has never been easier to participate in the LP farming pool and earn rewards.

What are Liquidity Zaps?

Liquidity Zaps make swapping your Ethereum into LP tokens much easier, faster and best of all cheaper.
In the past you had to exchange your Ethereum to CORE while maintaining a 1:1 ratio, finding the correct pool and then manually adding the token pair.

The Router does this all for you, with one click.

Enter the amount of Ethereum you would like to exchange for LP tokens and click the SWAP ETH for LP button.

That’s it you’re done.
Not only did you directly help CORE but you also saved GAS doing so.

An estimate of the amount of LP tokens swapped, as well as the gas cost is displayed for your convenience.
If you would like to immediately stake the LP tokens, you can check the box “stake automatically” and the router will take care of it.

Wait until your transaction is confirmed and enjoy your new LP tokens.

Using Liquidity Zap to obtain LP tokens can not be front run and is the best way to support the growth of CORE

Stopping the Front Running of Bots 🛑

The creation of CORE’s Liquidity pool was unique by locking all CORE liquidity provider tokens, meaning it is impossible to redeem these LP tokens into their underlying assets.

The idea was brilliant, the code was great, but Uniswap had a flaw. Bots were able to abuse Uniswap’s contracts and withdraw their LP tokens by front running. It is important to understand that this process is highly technical and while it allowed a few transactions to redeem their underlying asset, it does not allow more to be withdrawn than deposited. Therefore, the liquidity still always goes up.

The new update introduced Liquidity swaps which cannot be front run by liquidity bots. Using Liquidity Zap helps grow CORE and stops bots frontrunning.

Our Single Sided-AMM is Zapping Liquidity ✨

Within the first hour of deploying our Router, over 200 ETH has been “zapped” into the liquidity pool, reinforcing the loyalty and trust of our community towards CORE.

More abilities to CORE Router will be released in the future.
Such as direct access to CORE pair contracts and using our own ERC95 standard proposal which will give tokens special oracle abilities. This will open up the gates to more locked liquidity pairs.

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