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The Deep Farming Vault collects and distributes Delta, based on its unique Vesting Schedule mechanism. Initially, the yield exclusively comes from Delta vesting schedule interruptions which generated high yield for LSW participants and early Delta stakers. Since the migration to Sushiswap, the reward payments of the DFV have come to a temporary halt. Yield is still being accumulated but not paid out until all contracts have been checked and approved. As a result, low APY is being displayed on The team wants to use this opportunity to introduce stable yield to the platform.

Designed for Longevity

Decentralization Plan 🧮

Core LP migration to coreDAO voucher tokens 📦

A more decentralized environment

We always put importance on decentralization and censorship resistant environments. Migrating to Sushiswap will allow us to continue innovating and bringing new technology to DeFi, without the worry of censorship.

We moved all our liquidity, a total of 3,785.78 ETH and 1,803,521.36 DELTA, to Sushiswap.

You can find the details of the transaction here:

What happens to my rLP & Delta?

rLP and Delta tokens which are staked in the Deep Farming…

On March 28th 2021, successfully launched its tokens and ecosystem on the Ethereum Mainnet. Within the first hours, Delta generated over $40,000,000 in trading volume, revealing the demand of the community to participate and join the Delta ecosystem.

Traction and Demand of the Deep Farming Vault has launched on the Ethereum mainnet! You can now claim & stake your rLP tokens at! If you participated in the Referral Program you may claim your referral ETH on our site.


Delta Token Trading

Uniswap pool:
Delta Token:

Note that liquidity will be added, and RLP minted as soon as the endLSW transaction…

Delta’s successful LSW allowed the team to sponsor one of the biggest Bug Bounty Programs in DeFi. With $1,500,000 worth of Ethereum in bug bounty rewards, we were able to attract a lot of attention on to our smart contracts. We collected feedback and performed a variety of gas optimizations which improved all our contracts.

Gas Optimization

The team behind Delta is taking security very seriously. We are cautious with our smart contracts since they are the core of our products. The Delta team is excited to start the peer review period of our smart contracts, by releasing the first of three contracts to the public.

We are calling on security researchers worldwide to help us identify and fix possible vulnerabilities in our smart contracts. Delta recognizes the importance and value of security researchers’ efforts in helping keep our community safe.

Our Bug Bounty Program rewards those who help us find and address vulnerabilities early on.

If any researcher has serious security concerns, please report them using our bug bounty program for up to $1.5M in bug bounty rewards.

Upcoming Post Limited Staking Window Review Period:

Delta is having an extended review period which starts at the end of the Limited Staking Window. This review period…

On the 22nd of February, Delta launched its Limited Staking Window. The LSW contract gathered over 4,000 ETH within the first hours. Throughout the next few days more information was released and the reach of Delta and its Limited Staking Window continued to expand.

At the time of writing the LSW has collected 13,700 Ethereum from 3,300 distinct contributors.

There is less than 24 hours left to contribute to the Limited Staking Window and benefit from the exclusive minting price for rLP tokens. Make sure to read up on our Limited Staking Window article and visit

Delta’s LSW received over 4,000 ETH in deposits within 24 hours

Yesterday, successfully launched its Limited Staking Window, despite the high gas prices, the contract received over $6M worth of Ethereum in contributions within the first 24 hours. The LSW will continue until March 4th, 9:30 AM (PST).

Choosing a 10 day duration for the LSW has its advantage especially in regards to recent spikes in gas prices. We are expecting more contributions coming in throughout the next 9 days as gas prices stabilize, allowing smaller contributions to participate efficiently as well.

A Great Community


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